Parents, Buy Audiobooks for Your Kids


This came at the end of an audiobook I recently enjoyed:

“Hello, this is Jim Dale, narrator of the Harry Potter audiobook series. Listening to audiobooks isn’t just great entertainment—it’s also a great way for your family to experience and enjoy books together. Studies have shown that listening to stories read aloud helps children build vocabulary, improve their reading skills, and succeed more readily in school. It’s an important step on the road to becoming a good reader, and one of the best ways to help ensure a lifelong love of literature for the children you care about.”

Of course, it’s probably best just to read aloud to your kids yourself. But when you can’t—say, because you’re driving a car—it’s fun and enriching to listen to audiobooks together.

2 thoughts on “Parents, Buy Audiobooks for Your Kids

    1. Anne Post author

      Sweet! Looks very intriguing. And yes, audiobooks help develop kids’ imagination. They get to visualize the story world for themselves, create the images internally instead of receiving them pre-formed. TV and movies just don’t provide that. I like to watch screens as much as the next person, but they encourage a passivity that books/audio don’t.


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